Learning to Play With Baby A

I saw K and D working at the art table; they were very engaged in creating their masterpieces while also navigating having baby A exploring the paint. They were very patient with his visit and encouraged his interest in their work while enforcing their boundaries with gentle words.

D: "A please don't put your hands on my paper, here's a paper for you."
K: "Look, he's smiling! He smiles all the time."

I was so proud to watch you both express your expectations while considering just how little baby A is. You big kids are so kind taking the time to help him learn, and I can't express how happy it makes my heart!

What it Means

D and K you were both so positive and respectful of Baby A. He isn't as big as you are yet and he doesn't understand that sometimes the things he does can make you feel a bit frustrated. You are developing the ability to play with others who have differing skill levels! (1.5 Interacting Positively and Respectfully, Page 44, ELECT 2007)

I am amazed that you were able to take Baby A's point of view in to consideration and understand that he wasn't being intentionally disruptive to your work. This is an incredible skill for such little people! (1.8 Taking Another Person's Point of View, Page 45, ELECT 2007)

Opportunities and Possibilities 

I would love to plan some group games where we can all play together and explore! Group games would provide you both with the opportunity to help the little ones join in our play, you would be such wonderful leaders for the babies. I think dancing with scarves would be a great first activity. We could also work together on a big piece of paper on the floor to create artwork together.