The Magic of Music

Near the end of the day on Friday little K carefully carried the xylophone to the carpet to play. As she began to explore the instrument I noticed that she looked very focused and engaged, she seemed very interested in the sounds it made as she hit it with the stick.

What it Means

I can tell that you're beginning to understand that hitting the stick harder makes a louder noise. You are exploring Cause and Effect and you are excited when you are able to make such a loud noise with the instrument (4.3 Cause and Effect Exploration, Page 40, ELECT 2007)

I am so proud of your ability to focus on your task and maintain your attention as you explore the xylophone. You are beginning to demonstrate self-regulation which is very impressive in such a little person! (4.1 Self-Regulation, Page 40, ELECT 2007)

Opportunities and Possibilities

K is so interested in what happens when she interacts with the instrument; next time I would like to provide her with different materials to hit and explore such as coffee cans or pieces of wood. We can all work together to make instruments to make different sounds and express our creativity through music! I'm so excited to explore this interest further with the class!