Conquering Bench "Mountain"

Baby A you have grown so much in the last few weeks and you are becoming more and more skilled. Today you worked hard to pull yourself up on to the bench in the classroom and finally you made it! You did it all by yourself; you're getting so big, little one!

You were so proud you shrieked with excitement and bounced up and down on your knees, then looked at me and smiled the biggest, cheesiest grin.

What It Means

You were so thrilled about your accomplishment! You are beginning to develop a sense of self and demonstrating joy in building new skills (2.3 Sense of Self, ELECT page 25) You set a goal today and persisted until you were able to achieve it; you are learning to problem solve and work through frustration (4.2 Problem Solving, ELECT page 28).

Opportunities and Possibilities

I would like to introduce boxes of different heights to the environment for you to explore climbing and building. I'm interested to see whether or not you choose to scale them or climb inside to explore concepts of containment and volume. You are becoming such an adventurer and I'm excited to see you make all of your new discoveries!