Caring for the Babies

I noticed you in the dramatic area today C; you were working so hard to dress the baby that you were
playing with. I watched you try again and again to get those pants on the baby, you were very focused and wanted to do it independently.

"Do you need some help?" I asked, eager to offer support.

"Nope, I got it," you responded and kept at your work. I am so proud of your skill and independence!

I find myself reflecting on how small you were when you started in our program and I am so amazed by how much you have grown and what you are capable of. You are an astounding little human!

What it Means

C your expressive language is exploding! I am amazed by your ability to put together sentences now and the cheeky way that you share your stories with me always makes me smile. (3.2 Expressive Language, ELECT, page 38)

You stuck to it until you succeeded; you are a problem solver! You tried lots of different approaches until you figured it out on your own (4.2 Problem Solving, ELECT page 39). Well done!

You are developing your fine motor skills by practising to dress the dolls (5.2 Fine Motor, ELECT, page 42) and developing your hand eye coordination (5.3 Senses, ELECT page 42); I see you applying these skills in class each day as you prepare to go outside and play, or put your socks on your feet.

I see your self-esteem blossoming as you learn and apply more skills, you are becoming so confident! (2.3 Self-Esteem, ELECT page 46)

Opportunities and Possibilities

I think that I will set up the tongs, cups and pom poms as an invitation to play and explore. It would be a wonderful opportunity to further build your confidence and fine motor skills. I'm interested to see what games you and your friends create with these materials!

I will also bring out our puzzle with the latches, buttons and straps. I think this would be a great way for little ones in the class to work on their dressing and self help skills.

You are all such brilliant, creative little individuals. I would like to do self-portraits with you and help you document the things about you that you feel are special. We can use mirrors so we can see ourselves as we work and lots of different mediums so everyone can express themselves in their own unique ways.