Making a Hurricane

You have been really interested in working in the sand box this morning K, you have told me that you love how sparkly it is and you seem to enjoy letting the sand fall through your fingers when you play.

After exploring the sand with your hands for a moment you picked up the funnel, poured some sand inside using a scoop and carefully watched the sand flow through it.

You repeated this action a few times and you were very focused.

Finally you looked at me, smiled, and exclaimed: "Tasha, look it's a hurricane!"

What it Means

You were very focused on observing the details of the sand and the way it moved through the funnel; you were able to describe what you saw (4.5 Observing, ELECT Page 53) and you let me know just what you wanted to share with your words and your expressions (3.1 Using Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication, ELECT Page 48).

K you are very creative! You are able to express your ideas in the most unique and wonderful ways (4.3 Representation, ELECT page 52).

Opportunities and Possibilities

K, I would love to write stories with you! I think that I will join my friends at the art table and encourage them to describe what is going on in their picture, then I will transcribe it on the back of their work. This will be a great way for you each to expand on your expressive language and literacy skills.

I wonder if you would be interested in looking at pictures of real hurricanes. We could try to sketch them with pencils on small paper and then try to draw them on large paper on the floor using big body movements.

Maybe we could add some books about weather to our book shelf so we can learn some concrete facts about hurricanes and other weather systems! I'm excited to learn more with you guys!