Exploring Our New Blocks

Adding new materials to our classroom is always an adventure!

This morning I added some new blocks to our construction area and the children went right to work building and exploring.

Little K and Baby A, my youngest students, were so excited to see their reflections in the mirror blocks they kept bringing them up to their faces and peering into them with big smiles on their faces (5.3 The Senses, Visual, Facial Perception - ELECT Page 32).

D, who is one of the older children in class, was intrigued by the different shapes of the colored blocks and began to construct faces (4.3 Representation, ELECT page 52)

"Look, it's like Squidward!" (D is an avid Spongebob enthusiast). She seemed so proud of her creation (2.3 Self Esteem - ELECT page 46) It was really interesting to watch her build and explore more complex creations with the new shapes and sizes of blocks are her disposal.

When K, who is almost 4 years old, joined the group she and D worked together to make an "x-ray machine" using the mirror blocks (1.5 Interacting Positively and Respectfully, ELECT page 44)

Opportunities and Possibilities

I noticed that you were very interested in looking through the blocks to make items appear different colors. I wonder if you might enjoy having the opportunity to use our clear colored blocks and mirror blocks on the light table.

I think that I will take some time to create an invitation to play with mirrors and loose parts to extend on your interest in reflections. I'm interested to see what wonderful things you each create!