Dramatic Play with Wooden Puzzle Pieces - February 14th

Today you discovered that there were some new puzzles on the shelf; you were really drawn to the animal puzzle.

You were excited to try putting them together like the big kids. I watched you use the puzzle in lots of creative ways! You really seem to love dramatic play, making the animals move around like they were climbing on the wooden blocks (4.7 Symbolic Thought, Representation, and Root Literacy Skills, ELECT page 40). You stacked them up and knocked them down! (4.3 Cause and Effect Exploration, ELECT page 39)

Opportunities and Possibilites

I'm going on the hunt for chunky puzzle pieces from old puzzles for you to explore! I think that you'll find some brilliant uses for them in your play. I think that I will also bring out our nature books to encourage your interest in animals and the natural world. I am also going to provide lots of different building materials to encourage your interest in stacking, building, and knocking down.