How Tall is Baby? - Wednesday Feb. 7

You guys are all getting so big! I'm excited to see you developing an interest in counting and math concepts, these are such important skills. This morning you were measuring toys using our number line on the bench; I watched you put the doll on the bench and count the numbers to determine how tall it was from the tips of its toes to its head.

You also measured the alligator!

"He's bigger than the baby," D noted and K nodded her head.

What fabulous cooperation and team work!

What it Means

D and K you are beginning to think about numbers and quantity, you are learning to use numbers in a meaningful way in your daily explorations (4.12 Counting, ELECT Page 55

I was so impressed that you were able to remember and compare the numbers you found and reach the conclusion that one is larger than the other! You are learning about concepts of more than and less than and you are able to compare quantities (4.14 Comparing Quantities, ELECT page 55)

Opportunities and Possibilities

I am going to be sure to make number observations in every day play to ensure that you are developing math skills even when you explore different styles of play.

I would also like to create a do it yourself spindle box to encourage counting and number recognition. I think this would be lots of fun to create together! Gathering the natural materials to use would also give us an opportunity to explore outside which is one of our very favorite things to do together.
Picture from Montessori on a Budget

I will stock the shelves with loose parts that are safe for all my little friends to explore so that we can practice sorting and counting. I will follow your lead and encourage you to use them in any imaginative way that you would like. I am so excited to learn more about math and numbers with all of you!