Raising painted lady butterflies

In the early spring we had the opportunity to raise painted lady butterflies from caterpillars. The children were so excited to see the caterpillars when they arrived at our little school, we counted them together (4.12 Counting - ELECT page 55).

We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar together and other books about how caterpillars grow and change in to butterflies (3.7 Enjoying Literacy - ELECT page 49) Their lifecycle is very interesting! We learned new vocabulary words like metamorphosis and chrysalis.

The children shared their own knowledge about butterflies. (3.5 Using Descriptive Language to Explain, Explore and Extend - ELECT page 49)

Even our littlest students were interested in the butterflies and were very careful with them (4.1 Self-regulation Attention Regulation - ELECT page 39)

It was so exciting when our butterflies emerged from their chrysalis!

Opportunities and Possibilities

I love how interested you guys are in insects! I will continue to scaffolding that learning by providing books and stories for you to explore about this topic. We will also go on expeditions to capture tiny beasts (bugs) to observe.
We will try to draw out butterflies with different mediums. We will do symmetry paintings to explore the symmetry of butterfly wings.
My older friends will be able to use our microscope and insect slides to learn more about our little bug friends :-)
This is a very exciting topic!