Wildlings in the Water

When the weather warms the Monarch Woods begin to beckon to the children and I; the moment enough snow has melted from the path into the forest to make it an easy trek for little feet we return to our favorite play space.

Today was a beautiful day for a forest trip

The children spent lots of time discovering new ways to make big splashes. Splashing may look like child's play, but it is an exploration in physics! Young children learn with all of their senses and through experimentation (5.3 Sense, ELECT page 42) so this was the perfect opportunity to see water displacement in action.

Even baby A explored splashing, tossing small stones in to the water. He was excited to see the way the water moved when the stone hit the surface (4.3 Cause-and-Effect 
Exploration, ELECT page 39)

I wonder ...
  • Should we try dropping items that weigh different amounts in to the water to see what would happen?
  • If we jump in the water do we all make the same sized splash?
  • Would the children like to explore which items sink and float?